Meaningful Lyric Mondays #9

Welcome to Monday!

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Today I chose Eric Church with “Monsters”. I feel like he goes very deep with his lyrics. They usually have a double, sometimes triple, meaning. One thing PTSD has taught me, is that it’s time to grow. I chose this set of lyrics because it’s good advice for the growing soul.


“The wolf hunts a hungry man and the devil a lonely heart
A minefield of bad decisions lay hidin’ in the dark
Greed stalks, sickness steals, and pride lays a wicked trap
You can’t avoid ’em all, no, you gotta trust me on thatAnymore when a restless feelin’ keeps me up at night
Fallin’ on my knees is my new turnin’ on the light
I keep my faith intact, make sure my prayers are said
‘Cause I’ve learned that the monsters ain’t the ones beneath the bed” -Eric Church

***I do not own rights to this song***

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